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Unite - How to Bring Us Together and Lead Us to Greater Success (with an Open Letter to President Biden and Subsequent Presidents) ~ Describes 20 unity killers that are fracturing our nation, and suggests how to eliminate them, and also includes 12 transcendence drivers and 4 functionality enhancers. Available in hardcover, paperback, and kinde e-book. Check it out!

Motivate - A Guide to Creating Team Member Motivation, Enhanced Job Performance, and Employee Satisfaction, Using the Motivating Dynamic in Humankind ~ Includes Top 10 Motivators. Short, easy-to-read, uniquely powerful. A must-have for anyone involved in leading, coaching, managing, and/or directing. Available in hardcover, paperback, and kindle e-book.

1-2-3 - The Three Steps THAT CREATE Weight Success ~ Short, easy-to-read. A must-have for anyone seeking to live their life in their desired weight range. ~ Research studies tell us that about ninety percent of persons who lose a substantial amount of weight eventually have it all come back BUT ten percent keep the lost weight off forever. This book tells you WHY that situation is happening and HOW you can be one of the ten percent who succeed at living their desired weight forever.

Un-Jinx - There's 22 Jinxes that Can Prevent Weight Success … and Here's How to Beat EACH of 'em. ~ Why does this book matter? It's because, when we correctly understand the CAUSE of a problem we're in position to fully CORRECT the problem, including the nagging, universal problems of Weight Gain and Weight Control.

The Key to Weight Success - Read Chapter 1 of this Book, then Do the 3-step Process described in that Chapter ~ Imagine yourself living the rest of your life in your desired healthy-weight range, and doing it more easily and enjoyably than you've likely ever thought possible. Since 2007 I've been doing exactly that: Living nearly every day in my desired healthy-weight range, and doing it easily and enjoyably. This book describes HOW I did it ... and, more importantly, how YOU can do it, if you so desire to do that.

Full-force Conceptioning - Loyalty-maximizing Marketing Strategy ~ A powerful way to out-conception your competition and beat them at customer loyalty-building. If your job or profession involves strategic marketing, this is a must-read. Available in hardcover and paperback.

The Original Encyclopizza - If you’re serious about pizza-making and quality pizza, this book is a must-have resource. You can get it from It's available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle e-book versions. The hardcover and paperback versions are 440-pages, 8.5 x 11 inch size. It's a hefty, impressive book. The handy Kindle e-book version can be accessed via your computer (PC or MAC), or a tablet (including I-pad), or a smartphone (including I-phone). Amazon provides a free downloadable app for these devices. It sells at a very reasonable price. ~ But if you'd first like to get an in-depth look into the book before ordering it, click HERE.

Paradigm for Positive Psychology - A Way for Positive Psychology to Avoid Dissolution, Enhance Positive Impact, and Create a True Science

Wow the Customer, Exceed Expectations! - WHY This Is the Most Misguided Management Mantra of the Century … and What to Do About It. ~ Small book, eye-opening insights.

INJURED - Doing Football Is One of the CRAZIEST Things We Do, But We Can Fix This Disgracefully Injurious Pursuit ~ Small book with worthwhile suggestions.

Please, McDonald's, Do a REAL Fix This Time - Customer for 50 Years Shares Thoughts on How to Recapture the Glory Days

Bicycling Michigan's Northland in 2013 - A Pictorial Story of Two Senior Guys Who Bike-toured Michigan's Picturesque Eastern Upper Peninsula for a Week in 2013

• Boat Conversion - Basic Utility Boat Transformed into a Walleye Dream Boat [an online article, not a book]

Tribute to Melvin Correll - Lived 1919–2009 [an online document, not a book]

Tribute to Glenna Correll - Lived 1921–2014 [an online document, not a book]

•  John Correll has written and published a number of other books now out of print, including Sanitation Now – a restaurant manager's guide to effective sanitation management (1972), and also Applied Cooking Technology for the Food Service Operator (1979).

John (left) / Will  (right)
My son Will and me fishing in Michigan’s Upper
Peninsula, 2007. (I'm the one with the smidgeon
of hair on top.)

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