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Weight Success Series™ books and articles on achieving weight success

1 – Weight Success - This first book of the Weight Success Series is a thin easy-read book of just 44 pages, which can be read in around 44 minutes. ~ READ the Book (44 minutes), DO the Method (six minutes a day), LIVE the Achievement (rest of your life). ~ Kindle version also available.

 Weight Success Backup Guide - A FREE online PDF document, not a book. Created as a backup reference resource for readers of the Weight Success book.

2 – Weight Success Plus Extra Info - This second book of the Weight Success Series is a sequel to the original Weight Success book (cited above). It describes the same 5-action Weight Success Method as the first book. But along with that it includes extra information and ideas.

3 – The Key to Nationwide Weight Success - This third book of the Weight Success Series looks at weight success in a global context. It presents a powerful, practical, painless national plan for reversing the nationwide trend of increasing overweightness.

4 – Fat Is in the BODY But the Solution Is in the Mind - This fourth book of the Weight Success Series focuses on the least understood aspect of the body weight situation, which is: Even though fat is in the body, the solution is in the MIND. It presents a method for easily involving your whole mind each day in the pursuit of living in your healthy-weight range (Chapter 2). Plus, it explains why this method works (Chapter 4).

More by Correll books and articles on a potpourri of topics

•  COMING SOON!  INJURED - Doing Football Is One of the CRAZIEST Things We Do, But We Can Fix This Disgracefully Injurious Pursuit

•  Please, McDonald's, Do a REAL Fix This Time - Customer for 50 Years Shares Thoughts on How to Recapture the Glory Days

•  COMING SOON!  Please, McDonald's, Do a Real Fix This Time, BOOK 2 – Performance-building Technology - Or, How to Create a Performance-building Technology Function that Creates the Four Conditions to Excellent Employee Performance.

•  The Driver’s Handbook - FREE How-to Manual for Pizza Delivery Drivers

•  History of Pizza Packaging - Everything you probably never knew about how pizza boxes evolved in our society [an online article, not a book]

•  Pizza Wine - Huge Opportunity Begging to Be Mined [an online article, not a book]

•  The Original Encyclopizza - If you’re serious about pizza-making and quality pizza, THIS is a must-have resource book.

•  Dough & Crust Troubleshooter (now part of Encyclopizza®)

•  Bicycling Michigan's Northland in 2013 - A Pictorial Story of Two Senior Guys Who Bike-toured Michigan's Picturesque Eastern Upper Peninsula for a Week in 2013.

•  Boat Conversion - Basic Utility Boat Transformed into a Walleye Dream Boat [an online article, not a book]

•  Full-force Conceptioning - New marketing strategy for out-conceptioning your competition and maximizing customer loyalty. Truly powerful.

•  Wow the Customer, Exceed Expectations! - WHY This Is the Most Misguided Management Mantra of the Century … and What to Do About It.

•  Employee Motivation - The Top Three, Top Five, and Top Ten Motivators to Motivate Team Members to Excellent Job Performance and Job Satisfaction.

John (left) / Will  (right)
My son Will and me fishing in Michigan’s Upper
Peninsula, 2004. (I'm the one with the smidgeon
of hair on top.)

"A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at most jobs. But it isnt better than an average day at creative self-employment."

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